Promotional Items Putting you out there!

Is your organisation out there?

Is it the life of the party, getting its number scribbled on napkins and it’s (promotional!) mug snapped for the social pages? If not, well it’s time for your organisation to mingle and make an impression.

Always on their mind

Branded promotional products are not shy. They can get in your face and boldly go where you cannot… Into the boardrooms and offices, upon the desks and into the homes of your potential clients. Their combined visibility and practicality means branded items are remembered far longer than messages offered via traditional media.

Hit them with your best shot!

Never miss a chance to promote. A business card may have been the go-to promo item, but how long will it take to sink into the dark depths of a bag? As for that newspaper ad – it’s either already in the recycling bin or at the local takeaway wrapping up tonight’s dinner! That’s hardly getting your message out there!

So which promotional item is for you? Ask yourself, what is your brand about? Is it all about education, maybe creativity? Generosity? Professionalism? Customer satisfaction? Whatever message you want to get across, promotional items that are branded with your business name or message will give you more exposure and branding value than any traditional business card. A promotional product will be seen and used every day.

In fact, a recent University study found that sales people who gave promotional items to their clients got 22% more referrals than their less imaginative competitors, who gave their customers zilch!

Memories… Not just about a trip down the lane!

In the good old days when marketing through promotional products was in its infancy, handing out a few pens and giving the occasional pin up calendar was about the extent of it.

Times have changed. We still use pens and calendars but our modern, tech savvy generations now also use USB drives, iPads and smart phones. And they are used all the time! Imagine your business name on these items. On a coffee mug in the kitchen, on a golf umbrella at a sports day, a sports bag at the gym or on a tool set in the garage!

By giving a client your branded promotional items, they are three times more likely to contact you than if you relied on traditional advertising alone - and don’t forget the extra 22% of referrals that your branded promotional items have enticed along too!

A recent marketing survey found that 76% of respondents were able to recall an advertisers name on a promotional gift they received last year. 55% of them kept that gift for more than a year because it was useful! Another 76% said they could recall a brand name printed on a promotional item on their desk without having to look at it. Now that’s some significant stats!!

The figures become even more impressive if your marketing campaign, based around promotional items, is well planned and implemented. Branding specialists, like the team at Unipromo, know how to make a campaign work. Through a careful selection of merchandise that best reflects and promotes a business, we can put your brand in the limelight and help you become the shining star amongst your competitors.

Beat your drum the loudest!

Tear up the template, unlearn the formula, forget the same old same old! Raw, contemporary concepts are what you need to be distinctively unforgettable to your customers. Craft your own personal icon or individual message and plaster anything you can imagine with it. Get inventive, quirky; get radical! You want to be the person wearing pink at the Goth convention.

By putting your brand on promotional items, you’re waltzing into the minds and lives of your clients. Your radiant marketing campaign will be at work 24/7. You can be the eye-candy. You can be professional. You can be universal.

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