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So how do you save?

1 Bulk Buy Offshore (INDENT)

Our team at UNIPromo are going to let you in on our industry’s best kept secret – shopping offshore! (also known as Indent). We all like to save money. But how is it possible to get such HUGE reductions on exactly the same product? Easy!

Many day to day gifts and merchandise are available locally, however, the majority originate from overseas. Ordering offshore generally takes longer than ordering locally so you need to allow enough time for your goods to be ordered, decorated and shipped.

Buying Indent (offshore) can save you literally thousands when buying large quantity of items. So why not plan ahead, cut out some of the unnecessary expenses of purchasing at the last minute and get the same product for less!

2 Use our FREE Warehousing

Have your products stored at UNIPromo ’s free warehousing facility. There are many benefits to UNIPromo’s free warehousing, the main 3 are below:

A Access your goods on demand. If it’s in our warehouse and you’ve ordered it, it’s on its way within a day!
B You don’t need storage facilities on your premises, saving you valuable space and considerable cost.
C UNIPromo offers free warehousing for 12 months or upon re-order (Whichever is sooner). And, by simply topping up your stock with us before the 12 months is up, you will receive another 12 months of free storage!

Using our free warehousing facility means less stress and hassle for you and – most importantly – less money out of your budget.

3 Use our FREE Merchandise Management Program

Our Merchandise Management Program is simple to use and is fully customised to your branding requirements. By utilising our Merchandise Management Program, you get complete control of your merchandise while protecting the integrity of your brand in a controlled and secure environment.

Stock usage and order management & reporting

Our online ordering system reporting will tell you all you need to know. You can check your stock levels, see who or what department has ordered what products, where they have gone, what they have been used for and much more.

Tiered control levels & tiered pricing options

Nominated administrators can keep tabs on who can buy what, how much & when, with three tiered levels of access. Similar to tiered control levels, you can have tiered pricing. This is very useful if you wish to on-sell as a retail outlet.

Various payment options

Whether your business requires departmental budgets with cost codes, individual subsidies or requires a pay-as-you-go credit card option, we offer it all.

Knowledgeable customer service support

Our team want you to have an enjoyable time when you use the Merchandise Management Program. We think corporate shopping is just as fun as retail! Our experienced online store support team are always happy to help.

Let us share a story ... based on true events (no, really!)


Miss Debbie Disorganised

... is the purchasing officer for Company A. She needs a total of 5000 Tote Bags for 5 individual events each year. Debbie orders 1000 Tote Bags 5 times a year before each event. As she doesn’t buy in bulk she pays an extra $1 per bag!

Cost: $1.75 a bag.

Total: $8,750

Shortly before Debbie’s first event ...

Oh no!... I forgot to order the 1000 Tote Bags i need! Hope i can get them in time.

First event day for Debbie

Debbie didn’t utilise UNIPromo’s Free Warehousing and Online Ordering System so she had to cart her boxes of 1000 Tote Bags to her event with no time to spare!

Debbie spent an extra $5000 ...

Spent extra $5000

Uh oh, no money left for the christmas party.


Mr Jim On-Top-Of-It

... is the purchasing officer for Company B. He needs a total of 5000 Tote Bags for 5 events they hold each year. Planning ahead, Jim bought 12 months supply of Indent stock and utilised UNIPromo’s Free Warehousing and Online Ordering System. As Jim bought in bulk offshore, he saves $1 per bag!

Cost: 75c a bag.

Total: $3,750

12 weeks before his first event ...

I’ll order all 5000 bags now ... then I won’t have to worry later.

First event day for Jim

A week before his event, Jim logged into the Online Ordering System and arranged to have 1000 bags from his stock to be delivered directly to his event ... Easy!

Jim saved $5000 ...

Saved $5000

Because Jim saved his company a lot of money he was rewarded with a nice pay rise for his initiative.


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