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From This...

From This

It doesn’t matter if your staff need a little, or a lot of help! And let’s face it, some need a LOT of help! Our team can help smarten up your corporate image.

We have a variety of solutions we can tailor to meet your needs. Our Online Ordering System centre is designed to take the stress out of managing your uniform requirements. We are there to make it easy, from reporting to stock control, product selection, IT and order management, to uniform fit-outs ... we do it all.

Employees simply order online with their own unique user ID and, hey presto! ... magically they receive their selected uniform items on their desk. Easy for you, and so it should be. We’ll even analyse your best and worst sellers and propose fresh ideas for additions if something suitable is newly released.

We take uniform shopping for our clients as seriously as shopping for our own families. We understand you need to be fussy – and you have every right to be. Nothing is worse than having a shirt that rides up every time you sit down or pants that cling in all the wrong places. Our staff wear our products so they know how they fit.

Our team will provide honest, first hand advice on what will fit all shapes and sizes. To further help avoid fitting nightmares, UNIPromo can offer a customised fit-out service for your company on site. Just ask our sales team for more information.

Don’t be fooled into thinking our Online Ordering System is just for clothing. You can utilise it for anything – big, small, short, tall, round or square – we’ve got the system for you to order it 24/7 and the space for you to store it too!

To This...

To This
Your corporate image says everything about your company.

To gain your customer’s confidence, you need to create an atmosphere of confidence and presence from within your organisation.

We can brand and fit your team out from head to toe, in a range of suiting with fresh styles and colours set to impress.

We come to you! On-site fit-outs available.

Call us to today to discuss your team needs. Minimum orders apply

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