Do you have problems with ...

  • Keeping track of your merchandise – where is it? who used it? when & what for?
  • Merchandise not getting to the right place at the right time?
  • Missing merchandise? Limited storage space?
  • Stock being unavailable when you need it?

Then you need ...

UNIPromo’s Warehoused

How would it benefit you?

Apart from great pricing, brand integrity and stock being available when you need it, there are many other benefits to our Merchandise Management Program. Here are just a few:

UNIPromo sets up an online store for you and handles all the administration, saving you labour costs and time.
You get complete control over who uses your merchandise, how much and when, with tiered levels of access and pricing controls.
You save valuable storage space and costs, as UNIPromo provides FREE Warehousing for all your goods.
Because your goods are already decorated and in our warehouse, they are available whenever you need them.
Comprehensive reports are available 24/7 on: stock levels, who used what products when, where products have gone, how much was spent and much more.
UNIPromo will coordinate all distribution of your goods for you, to one or multiple locations, reducing your freight costs and time.
One simple invoice: freight and handling charges are invoiced monthly.

To find out more about how you can benefit from our MERCHANDISE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, call our helpful staff today.

How does it work?

With our Merchandise Management Program you get complete control over your merchandise without all the headaches, great pricing and product is available immediately. We are there to take the stress out of managing your merchandise from product selection right through to delivery, ultimately saving you time, money and space!

Additionally, by using our program, you are protecting the integrity of your brand in a controlled and secure environment.

Put simply... UNIPromo will set up an online store for you. You choose what merchandise you want on it. We decorate and store the merchandise. We manage the administration of the store and organise the distribution of your merchandise ... easy!

Our Merchandise Management Program will ensure you get the right merchandise ... to the right place ... at the right time ... every time.

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